Monday, March 5, 2012

Aegis - Greatest Hits


Aegis is a band in the Philippines. Their successful singles include "Luhà" ("Tears"), "Halík" ("Kiss"), and "Basáng-basâ sa Ulán" ("Drenched in the Rain").Aegis has released 40 albums over its career that have consistently made the Gold and Platinum marks beginning with Halik, Mahal na Mahal Kita, Awit at Pag-Ibig, Paskong-Pasko and Ating Balikan. They also released a mind-boggling remix collection of Aegis' hits entitled Ating Sayawin. The band is also responsible for hits such as "Luha" and "Halik."
Sisters Juliet and Mercy Sunot have been with the group since they started originally as AG's Soundtrippers (the letters A and G being their manager's initials). They later changed into Aegis in 1998 as agreed upon by the band manager & Alpha Records. Apart from the two sisters, keyboardist MAtMAt LUmAgsaO is also the sister of the band's manager Lito. While his (Lito's) wife, Josie, is Rey's sister.

Album: Aegis Greatest Hits
Artist: Aegis
Label: Alpha Records
Released: Year 2005
Number of Tracks: 20 Tracks
Genre: OPM,Pinoy rock,Alternative rock,Pop rock


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